Exploring The DESS® Line of Temporary, Straight, Angled, and Healing Abutments

Dentists can feel confident that they’re using only the highest quality of materials and products for their patients’ implant restorations when they choose from the DESS® line, proudly supplied by Abutments International.

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About DESS® Analogues and Digital Analogues for Dental Implants

The DESS® analogues and digital analogues for dental implants both offer unique advantages that every dentist deserves to benefit from in their restorations.

This article will discuss each analogue along with the particular advantages of each.

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About DESS Bases for Dental Implants

Let us cover the ‘bases’ for these exceptional DESS® implant components.

Dentists can rest assured they are using only the finest of materials and products for their patients’ implant restorations when they choose from the DESS® line, proudly supplied by Abutments International.

A part of the DESS® dental implant product line, implant bases including the Ti-Base, C-Base®, Angled Base and CrCo Base make for a dependable component of the prosthesis.


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Considering Abutment Selection in Dental Implant Restorations

As implant dentistry requires a lot of decision making, practitioners deserve simplified and dependable options.

When it comes to dental implant restorations, there is always the question of ‘Which type of implant abutment should I use?’

A patient will arrive to the office for their implant restoration with a 
healing abutment present, screwed onto the implant and ready for the placement of the official abutment. This is when the dentist or oral surgeon must decide between either using a stock or prefabricated abutment vs. a customizable abutment for their patient.

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Does Placing Dental Implants Hurt?

We’re here to ease your dental implant surgery concerns.

Our teeth are responsible for proper speech pronunciation and food digestion. They also play an essential role in supporting the overall structure of our face, and are automatically put on full display whenever we smile or laugh. This is why losing one or several of our natural teeth can be a very distressing experience. 

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How Do Abutments Attach to Dental Implants?

Without a question, dental implants have been the superior method of replacing missing teeth for many years. But people rarely consider what the different components of this premier restoration - perhaps until it’s time to undergo a dental implants procedure themselves.

With that being said, in this article, we’re exploring a key part of the dental implant, which also happens to be one of our specialties: the abutment.

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Educate your patients about Dental Implants

Here’s what every patient should know to make the most informed decision.

Patients suffering from the loss of one or more teeth all have one thing in common: they want a full smile again! And while restorative services such as crowns and bridges or partial dentures can successfully fill the gaps and replace lost teeth, these procedures will never be as ideal as the choice restorative dental treatment of all time: dental implants. 

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Exploring the Technologies Behind 2 of the Most Popular DESS Abutments Types

When it comes to choosing an abutment for implant restoration, quality matters above all else.

Fortunately for the modern dental professional, Abutments International Inc. makes it easy to select compatible, flexible and lifetime-guaranteed abutments using only the highest quality materials - so patients can rest assured that their restoration will last for years to come, just like the trusting relationship they share with their dentist.

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How to Explain to Your Patient Why Dental Implants are a Superior Option

If your patient is a candidate, this should be reason alone to choose implants over other restorative options.

When comparing restorative dental procedures available to us today, dental implants rank high - and every patient in the market for tooth replacement should know that this is the most ideal option, provided they are a candidate.

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