Educate your patients about Dental Implants

Educate your patients about Dental Implants

Here’s what every patient should know to make the most informed decision.

Patients suffering from the loss of one or more teeth all have one thing in common: they want a full smile again! And while restorative services such as crowns and bridges or partial dentures can successfully fill the gaps and replace lost teeth, these procedures will never be as ideal as the choice restorative dental treatment of all time: dental implants.

With that said, it’s important that dentists properly educate their patients on dental implants provided they are candidates for the procedure. There are several things that every curious patient should know in order to make an informed decision to move forward with dental implants, and to feel assured that this restorative method is right for them!

Let’s talk about the points every dentist should cover while educating their patients about dental implants:

1. Dental implants are the superior restorative option for most patients.

It’s critical that your patient understands that dental implants reign supreme over the other restorative dental alternatives in terms of their natural tooth-like characteristics, also with up to a 97% success rate. Explain how implants are the closest a restoration can get to mimicking a natural tooth, with an ability to last a lifetime with proper care.

2. Without a dental implant procedure, bone loss is inevitable - so time is of the essence.

Every patient should be aware that their bone and jaw quality is at risk for deterioration over time - progressively more so as time passes without their natural tooth in place. With this bone loss comes the changing of facial structure and appearance, as well, which will age the person and contribute to an overall unattractive appearance. It is only fair for a patient to be aware of this downside of tooth loss, as well, so they can factor this in to their decision.

3. You will need to undergo healing following surgery before the artificial tooth can be secured.

Patients should know that following the placement of their implant, they will need to go through a healing process of roughly 3 months during which the implant will fuse with the jaw. Anyone expecting a quick or immediate result should adjust their expectations prior to the procedure.

4. Here’s what to expect with your surgical implant placement.

Explain to your patient what he or she can expect should they choose dental implants to restore their smile. Go over the general cost, financing options, the process - including a potential bone graft procedure if required before their surgery. Educating your patient about the steps involved in a procedure will help to eliminate any “fear of the unknown” and will reaffirm that placement of dental implants is careful, safe and pain-free, and in most cases, very successful.

5. You are in good hands!

Above all else, patients should feel assured and confident in their decision to undergo a dental implants procedure with you. It is important that they know they can trust you, a highly trained and experienced dentist who has performed may dental implant procedures before. Once you establish a healthy and trusting doctor-patient relationship with great communication and understanding, you’ll be ensuring that your patient’s entire dental implants experience - beyond just the procedure itself - is a positive one.

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