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DESS Catalogue 2021

We are pleased to introduce the new 2021 range of products.

This new catalogue is full of new products as the newly developed ELLIPTIBase® for narrow-spaced prosthetic cases, the C-Base® with a non-engaging alternative and different gingival heights, new patented screwdrivers or the new compatibility with Straumann® BLX and Neodent Grand Morse®.


C-Base® Catalogue

Manufactured in Titanium Grade 5 ELI, and with 15 implant compatibilities and more than 180 references, the DESS® C-Base® range is the most comprehensive offer of compatible Cerec® Ti-bases in the market.


DESS Library Guide

Depending on the type of connection and custom impression or intraoral scan, Scan Abutments allow scans on implant level or abutment level.

The choice of the appropriate library connection depends also on the design of the prosthesis to be milled. DESS Library allows restorations on DESS Ti base, DESS AURUMBase® or restorations to be screwed direct on Straumann® synOcta® abutment, Nobel Biocare Multi- unit® abutment or ASTRA UniAbutment®.


DESSLoc® Catalogue

An excellent solution for removable full prosthetic restorations, DESSLoc® abutments have the capacity to be used in old restorations without presenting any issues - offering patients the ease of insertion and removal through a more flexible engaging point.

DESSLoc® abutments are treated with a special coating of Zirconium Nitride to increase strength, reduce inflammation and plaque adhesion.


Scan Abutments

Available in both desktop and intra-oral versions, the intra-oral Scan Abutment features an integrated screw and unique design that works to minimize scan distortion.

The unique technologies and design of these Scan Abutments are integrated in the official libraries from Exocad®, 3Shape® and Dental Wings® - allowing for AD work on DESS® interfaces in both single and multiple restorations.



There are various clinical situations where the long-axis of the dental implant will result in an unfavourable location of the prosthetic screw access hole. To overcome this obstacle, DESS introduces the AURUMBase® system - allowing for an angular adjustment of up to 25°.

The specially-designed Torx®-based screw and driver concept is capable of retaining the ability to utilize full recommended torque, even at full angulation.


DESS Pre-Milled Blanks and Holders Solution

DESS offers a full assortment of Titanium-grade V and Cobalt Chrome pre-milled blanks, optimizing the milling process with quality DESS standard abutments.

These blanks work together with holder systems, specially developed for Imes-Icore® VHF® machines, ZirkonZahn® wet mill, Yenadent® and a universal holder for any other machine that uses standard 98 mm discs.