About Abutments International

Abutments International Inc. was established to provide dental professionals with top-tier implant products using higher quality materials, offered at more reasonable and affordable prices. Our products including the DESS® line with over 70 years of manufacturing experience are produced in Europe under the highest quality assurance standards, and designed using only the most advanced technologies available today.

The manufacturing of our products takes place in ISO 9001 and 13.485-compliant facilities with locations in both Spain and Switzerland. The inspection process of our components far exceeds the market norm, consisting of a fully certified “clean room” to accommodate the strict sanitary process established for each product type.

All units offered by Abutments International Inc. are inspected twice - once during the manufacturing process, and once again during the health inspection stage. The most advanced methods are used in both processes; including the MVC automatic optical inspection machines and DEA system with Renishaw probes for touch control.

Abutments International Inc. is proud to lead the industry in offering these premier dental products to customers, and to be an integral part of dentists ’success in providing exceptional quality restorations to their patients.