Exploring The DESS® Line of Temporary, Straight, Angled, and Healing Abutments

Exploring The DESS® Line of Temporary, Straight, Angled, and Healing Abutments

Get to know the features of each of these quality abutment types.

Dentists can feel confident that they’re using only the highest quality of materials and products for their patients’ implant restorations when they choose from the DESS® line, proudly supplied by Abutments International.

A part of the DESS® dental implant product line; temporary, straight, angled and healing abutments make for reliable components of the prosthesis.

Here’s what dentists should know about each DESS® abutment product:

DESS® Temporary Abutments

Composed of Grade 5 ELI Titanium like all DESS® abutments, the DESS® Temporary Abutments are an essential component of strong dental restorations. Available in both engaging and non-engaging versions, the grooves featured on these abutments allow for a more ideal fit with any restorative material.

DESS® Temporary Abutments are available for use with a wide variety of dental implants and a vast range of platforms (NP, RP and WP). Additionally, all abutments include screws.

DESS® Straight and Angled Abutments

Designed for cemented solutions, the DESS® Titanium Straight Abutments and Angled Abutments contain surfaces that are treated using SelectGrip® allowing for an optimal retention capacity to exist between the dental crown and the abutment.

The bases of these straight and angled abutments enable contouring to fit the prosthetic solution, and the angles of 0º, 15° and 25° ensure adaptation with the majority of clinical cases. Furthermore, the straight basis enables a reduction of the profile adapting to each and every clinical case. All straight and angled abutments are delivered non-sterile together along with the respective prosthetic screw.

DESS® Healing Abutments

Manufactured in varying heights and available for a range of different platforms, the DESS® Titanium Healing Abutments offer just the flexibility required for a perfect fit.

Also available in varying heights, these abutments are specially marked in order to identify measures and implant platforms. The tightening connection of the DESS® Healing Abutments are equal to their respective clinical screws, and for some connections, they are available with the DESS® Metalive® Bioadhesion surface.

Dentists: You can Trust Abutments International with All of Your Dental Implant Supply Needs

Dentists can rest assured that they are employing only the finest of dental implant supplies and materials when they source from Abutments International.

Abutments International was established to provide dental professionals with top-tier implant products using higher quality materials, offered at more reasonable and affordable prices. Our products including the DESS® line with over 70 years of manufacturing experience are produced in Europe under the highest quality assurance standards, and designed using only the most advanced technologies available today.

Abutments International is thrilled to a be part of dentists’ success in providing exceptional quality restorations to their patients.

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